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Wood Refinishing

Wood Refinishing and Staining

Give Your Wood a Fresh Start

Years of wear, dirt build-up, and more can really sap the life from even the toughest woods used in structural and accent applications. Most shy away from wood refinishing and restoration themselves, because it’s is a very challenging process. Very few get it right the first time and you can’t easily erase mistakes, which is why so many homeowners turn to professionals.

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Your experts at Fresh Coat of Knoxville have the experience and the right tools to ensure that the project is completed with the attention to detail you deserve. Whether it’s a door, trim, or cabinetry, careful preparation and methodical staining and finishing will yield exceptionally fine results. Our painters are all bonded and insured, and will use only top-quality Sherwin Williams products to bring out the natural beauty of the wood surfaces and features in your home.

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Why is Fresh Coat of Knoxville the Best Choice for Wood Refinishing?

  • We can tackle any staining project:
    • Door and trim refinishing
    • Cabinet refinishing and painting
  • Affordable pricing - we accept all major credit cards
  • Our painters are bonded and insured
  • We use quality Sherwin-Williams products

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